Vans Sk8 Mid CA – Dress Blue/Classic Blue.

The Sk8 Mid by Vans, coming in a classic reinvented design. Featuring a mid top design, encasing your ankle with thick padding for control, comfort & protection. For further comfort, foam insoles helps absorb any shocking blows, whilst leather lining to the upper ensures softness & only gets comfier with wear. A vulcanised rubber sole unit provides traction & durability. Finished with iconic suede Old Skool stripe & Vans detailing to the heel and tongue. Made from premium waxed full grain leather, and coming in Dress Blue & Classic Blue.

IMG_5610 IMG_5611 IMG_5613 IMG_5614 IMG_5615

Album Of The Week

Eazy-Duz-It is the debut album by Eazy-E. While this album definitely gets over shadowed by a lot of other solo albums from NWA members, and the band themselves, it’s also a must have for any fan of rap music.  Most notable tracks “Boyz-n-the-hood” & “Eazy-er Said Then Dunn”


Fathers Day Gift Idea #8 – Opinel Knife Set

This 10 piece knife set goes from 3.5cm to 12cm & all blades are stainless steel, with a high resistance to rust and an excellent cutting quality. Virobloc® double safety catch system: locks the blade in the open or closed position from No. 6 to  Beeched varnished wood handle. Made in France

IMG_5601 copy

Vans Sk8 Mid CA (Leather) Black

It is hard to argue with the rich texture and quality of premium leather uppers and this season’s Sk8 Mid CA is a case in point. Subdued earthy hues in combination with tonal round bootlaces reflect the footwear tradition of English hunting boots employing premium waxed full grain leather and veggie leather details. White stitching along overlays and sidestripe trace the compact and effective frame of this mid-top silhouette, and a custom woven lining rounds out a footwear theme of robust sophistication.

IMG_55811000 IMG_55821000 IMG_55831000 IMG_55861000

Fathers Day Gift Idea #2 – Bellroy Note Sleeve.

The Note Sleeve wallet by Bellroy stores flat bills & 4-11 cards. Has  3 quick access slots & pull tab for less used cards, full size note section & coin pocket & is backed by Bellroy’s 3 year warranty. The Note Sleeve is 10.3 x 8.5 cm & made from premium full-grain vegetable tanned leather, made under world-class environmental stewardship standards, delightful to hold and use.

IMG_55871000 IMG_55881000 IMG_55891000 IMG_55901000 IMG_55911000

Album Of The Week.

Figure 8 is a collection of excellent song & performances. It is the rare artist who can pen and perform songs with sparse instrumentation and pull it off. Figure 8 is the fifth studio album by Elliott Smith & I invite you to experience the phosphorescent brilliance of the bare songs “Somebody that I Used to Know”, “I Better be Quiet Now,” and “Easy Way Out.” But these tracks are not even the highlights.


Vans x Star Wars

With seventh instalment of the Star Wars franchise set to be released in the near future by Walt Disney Co. Vans have released a very exciting new collaboration with artwork from the original Star Wars trilogy, and they are simply out of this world. Vans are known for their creativity & uniqueness when it comes to collaborations & this one is easily one of my favourites. The artwork features original designs and all the favourite characters, from the Sk8-Hi Yoda Aloha to the Authentic Stormtooper Bandana.

IMG_55741000 IMG_55771000 IMG_55781000 IMG_55801000

Father’s Day Gift idea #1. – Triumph & Disaster Stash Box

Based upon an old apothecary set, the Triumph & Disaster ‘stash box’ is a one stop shop of shaving and skincare gold that makes an ideal grooming kit or gift set for a modern man. Stocked with a tube of Old Fashioned Shave Cream, a genuine Badger Hair Shave brush, Rock & Roll Suicide Face Scrub and Gameface Moisturiser, this Stash Box delivers the essentials in grooming and when you are done you have somewhere to keep your marbles, dice, maps and knives, or anything else that you might rightly stash in a box, nice.


Album Of The Week.

The 8th Studio album by Pantera, “The Great Southern Trendkill” is groovy, raw, in-your-face, angry metal done with a lot of style & filled to the brim with great riffs. Some of them are pure groove, highly reminiscent of the Pantera of old. Great drumming & interesting hooks make those really fun. However, most of the riffs have a certain rock vibe to them. Sometimes they seem like something Black Sabbath would have done, other times they have a Kiss vibe over the top of Pantera‘s characteristic raw groove, as you can tell on ‘Drag The Waters’ & ‘Hell’s Wrath’. A must for any fan of heavy music.


Album Of The Week.

Rancid released “Life Won’t Wait” in 1998 to pretty much mixed emotions. Critics screamed punk album of the year, while fans found the record to ska/reggea happy. While this may not be their best work, it certainly is not their worst. After a spoken intro the album kicks off with “Bloodclot” & songs like “Hoover Street” , “Black Lung” , & “Life Won’t Wait” give the album a real kick. It’s not until about track 11, “Backslide” that the album slows down a bit but this album is definitely a must in your Rancid collection.


Vans Authentic

Vans Authentic CA (Geo Tribe) Black is the latest release from the California Collection featuring the Geo Tribe pattern from a past collaboration with the original creators of African “mudcloth” born in Mali’s centuries-old Bamana culture. The Authentic features a geometrical pattern on stonewashed canvas uppers with pigskin Vans labels, antique finish eyelets & waxed laces.

IMG_55271000 IMG_55371000

Album Of The Week.

INVASN is one of former Refused frontman, Dennis Lyxzén’s many projects and by far the most diverse from previous efforts. INVSN is mainly made up from member of the Lost Patrol, but rather than the political, post-punk which that group created, INVSN give us 80’s influenced synth indie-pop. The flow of the record varies from light to dark  80’s synth indie-pop that is performed very organically & with conviction. Definitely worth checking out. Most notable tracks are ‘Down In The Shadows’ ‘The Promise’ & ‘Inheritance’


Winston’s Legacy

New addition to RAD is Sydney based tie company, Winston’s Legacy, offering quality neckwear in a variety of colours, patterns & fabrics. There’s no excuse for a man to have bad ties.

IMG_55211000 IMG_55221000 IMG_55231000 IMG_55261000

Album Of The Week

Brisbane band Screamfeeder formed in 1991 & toured relentlessly throughout. During the 1990s, indie and grunge rock increased in popularity throughout the world and Screamfeeder was part of the rise of independent Australian Rock. The musical style and influences on each Screamfeeder album are distinct, from retro pop-rock, low-fi indie, to guitar driven alternative. Now their entire catalogue is being released by one of Australia’s finest indie record labels, Poison City Records from Melbourne. Take your pick of tracks from this album because they’re all great.

IMG_55531000 IMG_55541000 IMG_55551000

Triumph & Disaster Grooming Products

New mens grooming label, Triumph & Disaster is the brainchild of former New Zealand  cricketer, Dion Nash. Triumph & Disaster’s philosophy is to use the best of science combined with the best of nature to produce naturally derived but scientifically engineered products that work. They use local indigenous ingredients such as Horopito oil and Ponga fern extract blended with scientifically proven and natural ingredients from around the globe, such as clay from Australia, Jojoba extract from Mexico and Tamanu oil from Polynesia.

02-YLF-Product-0ption-2_grande cleanser_grande soap1_grande T_D_On_the_road_02_600_1024x1024 facescrub_grande

Album Of The Week

‘Yellow & Green’ by Savannah, Georgia bandBaroness, is quite simply a great stoner metal double album. Nothing more, nothing less & needs to be in everyones vinyl collection that is a fan of the genre, or just rock in general really. “Take My Bones Away” is a killer track for mine.

IMG_55481000 IMG_55491000 IMG_55501000

Album Of The Week.

The Gaslight Anthem’s 3rd album, ‘American Slang’ was to be their last on indie label, Side One Dummy Records, & what a great album it is. Fallon is the new age punk rock story teller & it really comes through in this album. While a lot of people say that this is not their best work, & maybe rightly so, I still feel this is their coming of age album. Notable tracks are “The Queen Of Lower Chelsea” & “Boxer”

IMG_55451000 IMG_55461000 IMG_55471000

Jye Byrnes Surfboards – Single Fin

Simple single. A 70’s inspired board with a classic outline & Vee bottom contours. The surfer becomes an artist, by drawing classic lines along the wave face, ones that aren’t normally drawn on a regular board. This board comes with a handmade wooden 8 inch single fin, red wine tint, cream pin line & polish finish giving the board a place in your bed. 6’4 x 19 1/2 x 2 5/8, 35Lt. Designed & shaped in Newcastle.

Board 1 Board 2 IMG_5511

Opinel Knives

We have a wonderful selection of Opinel Knives in stock. A 10 set box set, No. 7 picnic knife, No. 8 folding knife with sheath and the No. 10 Corkscrew knife. All come Stainless steel blades, with a high resistance to rust and an excellent cutting quality. Virobloc® double safety catch system: locks the blade in the open or closed position. Beeched varnished wood handle. Made in France

IMG_55011000 IMG_55021000 IMG_55031000 IMG_55041000

Album Of The Week

This weeks Album Of The Week is an old classic from way back in the 90’s, Newcastle’s very own Silverchair & their debut album, ‘Frogstomp’. This album is one to the classic grunge albums from the 90’s, as is it’s follow up, ‘Freak Show’. Regardless of what anyone may say, the songwriting on these albums, ‘Frogstomp’ in particular, for a band so young is phenomenal. The raw, honest songwriting only served to increase this relatabilty of the music, and was indeed thoroughly in sync with what grunge had evolved into by the mid-nineties. As 14 and 15 year olds, Silverchair mastered this, arguably, more explicitly than any other band.  The fact that Daniel Johns, Ben Gillies and Chris Joannou were so young at the time is incredible, but has no bearings on just how good the albums were. ‘Frogstomp’  is brilliant because it is angst ridden, relative compilation of music, not because it is unthinkable for a trio of children to produce something so above their stations. The fact that the band members were so young at the time just makes it all the more commendable…

IMG_54701000 IMG_54711000 IMG_54721000

RAD – July 2014

The new RAD range has landed back from the screen printers. Featuring tees, raglans, hoodies & matching trackies. Another artist series with our old friend Nate Gamble helping us out this time round. All available in store now.

IMG_5475 copy IMG_5481 copy IMG_5478 copy IMG_5477 copy IMG_5484 copy IMG_5482 copy IMG_5485 copy IMG_5486 copy

Grand Scheme – Courier Jacket

Australian label Grand Scheme have dropped their latest collection into RAD featuring this Courier Jacket in Black. Constructed from a breathable heavy duty water proof fabric that folds into a small carry bag. The Courier Jacket also features water proof zips & water proof internal seem taping. Standard issue label on left breast side pocket, large back pocket & a scooped back. Adjustable elastic toggles on waist & hood, breathable mesh on underarm, lined through out in a light weight nylon & a oversized hood for the extra rainy days. Also featured is the Grand Scheme oxford Cross Shirt in White.

IMG_5493 copy IMG_5494 copy IMG_5497 copy

Album Of The Week.

To say I am a bit of a Fucked Up fan is an understatement, ever since the first time I heard them on my mates iPod back in 04/05 at the Cambridge Hotel, I’ve since gone on to see them over a handful of times & even have their logo tattooed on my wrist. So when ‘Glass Boys’ was announced, I was beyond excited & I have not been let down, not that I any doubt. Fucked Up set themselves apart not by pushing hardcore in a new direction so much as completely blowing it wide open in such a way unseen since ‘The Shape Of Punk To Come’.  ‘Glass Boys’ is now available in store.

IMG_54661000 IMG_54671000 IMG_54691000 IMG_54681000

Bahen & Co.

Bahen & Co. Chocolate Maker has been a staple in Rad Store for almost 2 years now. Bahen & Co makes stone ground chocolate from bean to bar. A traditional approach to chocolate making that returns to a slower pace of a previous time. Hopefully from the faded plantation names on the jute cacao bags to the diverse origins of the restored old world machines you get a sense of Bahen & Co’s deep curiosity about cacao. Restored from a vintage age & lead by a 1930’s Barth Sirocco Ball Roaster & circa 1910 Guitard Melangeur, the chocolate machines operate slow & cool with the wisdom to preserve the taste of distant places. The chocolate factory operates from the family farm in Margaret River – Western Australia. A region with a raw natural beauty & strong community that supports the efforts of its small producers.

IMG_5459 copy

Vans California Chukka Decon TC

The Chukka Decon TC CA is a case study in the philosophy of deconstructed design. With a truly minimalist approach, this silhouette blends elements of a desert boot with a work boot shape & explores the possibilities of simple construction lines & subdued colors. Premium suede gives it a rich feel that is emphasized by conscious design choices such as subtle deco stitching on toe & heel & heavy-gauge stitching on a veggie tan leather heel pull. Two-tone hiking laces, a gum rubber foxing stripe, and a sidewall with a knurled texture throughout comprise this Chukka Decon TC CA’s rugged edge, while a synthetic suede lining ensures comfort. Comes in Agate Gray & Cypress colour way.

Overview: Suede uppers, Deco stitching on toe & heel, Veggie tan leather heel, Hiking laces & Synthetic suede lining.

IMG_5447 copy IMG_5448 copy IMG_5449 copy IMG_5450 copy IMG_5446 copy

Post Details

Swedish label, Post Details, is now available for the first time in Rad Store. Born, raised & based in Malmo, Sweden in 2012 as a result of long time friendship, endless conversations on products they would love to endorse themselves & seeing how something was missing both in the fauns as well as in the international equivalence, Danijel Stankovic & Martin Ottosson decided it was time to partner up & make talk into a reality. With a focus on high quality & well designed headwear & shirting, Post Hats & Details was born in the Fall of 2012. It really isn’t any more complicated than that. At least for now.

IMG_5451 copy IMG_5452 copy IMG_5454 copy IMG_5455 copy IMG_5456 copy



A bunch of socks from Swedish label Happy Socks got re-stocked over the weekend. The wide & varied range of patterns, colours makes Happy Socks immediately recognisable. The socks are made of a high quality combed cotton, so they last longer, will withstand everyday wear and will keep both you and your feet happy.

IMG_5443 copy


As AFI have traveled further and further away from their east bay hardcore roots over the past decade-plus, they’ve also reinvented themselves on nearly every album. After the catchy horror punk of ‘Black Sails in the Sunset’ and ‘The Art of Drowning’, the band went darker and heavier on ‘Sing The Sorrow’. They incorporated more elements of screamy post-hardcore on ‘Decemberunderground’, then traded that for sexed-up pop-rock on ‘Crash Love’. In the lead up to the release of ‘Burials’, there has been one thing the members of AFI had been saying over & over again – That ‘Burials’ is dark record that came from a dark place. ‘Burials’ is a collection of honest sonogs that let you into the darker side of Havoks life during his song writing period for this album. After a period of silence by the band, AFI have returned with a release that is to be loved by longtime fans& newcomers alike. Available now in-store.

IMG_5338 IMG_5340 IMG_5341


Mavericks Laces are now available in store, specialising in high quality, waxed cotton shoelaces that will brighten up any kind of footwear. Mavericks comes in nine different colours including Fire Engine Red, (‘Archie’), Racing Green (‘George’), Caramel (‘Jordan’), Black (‘Hugo’)  & come with a variety of tying techniques to try out.



Worn by pioneers, outliers and outcasts, Levi’s® Western shirts have been tested by generations & continue to define the modern dress code. The Barstow Western features with original western yoke details, sawtooth flap front-pockets, & a snap-front closure—Symbolic of rugged American culture. Made with midweight chambray. Slim fit, Faux pearl snaps, Western snap-flap pockets with Levi’s® tab. Features front & back pointed Western yokes, 100%imported cotton

IMG_5430 IMG_5431 IMG_5432 copy IMG_5435 copy IMG_5434 copy


One of Spin’s Albums of 2013 You Gotta hear, ‘Infestissumam’ by Ghost, is a cracker. Yes, this is pop-metal if you would like to call it that for very anti-christian sentiment. ‘Infestissumam’ delivers a handful of hooks you won’t escape and a few zingers that’ll make you smile. “Ghuleh/Zombie Queen”, for instance, is the record’s eight-minute centrepiece. While this album may not be as good as their previous offering, it is still worth checking out.

IMG_54261000 IMG_54251000 IMG_54281000


The Patagonia Men’s Bivy Down Vest is a 600 down fill vest for the winter days. Keep your core warm over a long sleeve flannel with a classic look on the trail. The pockets lined with brushed polyester to keep your paws from getting chapped. The full-length zipper is covered by a snapped storm flap for extra wind protection. The vest is a regular fit for layering underneath and room to move. A drop tail hem gives just enough wind protection at the back. Durable nylon canvas with a DWR finish on the shoulder fabric insulated 600 fill-power premium European goose down, Yoke-design vest has full length zipper with snap-closure storm flap & stand-up collar horizontal quilt lines, Snap closure pockets, Lower torso internal zip chest pocket, Drop-tail hem, hip length.

IMG_54191000 IMG_54201000 IMG_54211000 IMG_54221000



Our second Photography exhibit at the store Dan Lynch, a 20 year old photographer from Merewether. Dan has been studying photography in Sydney for only last 2 years. It was a great turn out, which actually saw us run out of beers and we nearly polished off the 100 cheeseburgers from Maccas too. Special thanks to Murray’s Brewing for coming through with the beer at the last minute. Dan’s photography will be up at the shop for the next 6 weeks.

IMG_5416 copy IMG_54171000  IMG_54181000 _MG_4783_MG_5688


Album Of The Week this week is Melbourne’s punk rock chaos merchants CLOWNS who released their debut album ‘I’m Not Right’ via Poison City Records last October. For me, CLOWNS are Australia’s very own The Bronx & with a tone of shows behind them already with some of Australia’s all time classic punk rock bands, these guys are only going to get better. Most notable tracks for me are ‘Grave Junkie’, ‘Boxcutter’ & ‘Jesus On Acid’ . ‘I’m Not Right’  is available in store now. 

IMG_5404 copy IMG_5407 copy IMG_5408 copy


BROKEN HOMME boots are now available at RAD. BROKEN HOMME is 100% American made footwear collection, designed in Long Beach, California. The collection partners a contemporary & working class aesthetic to a range of classic silhouettes, releasing product that represents the true character of their identity. BROKEN HOMME has been a favourite of of RAD STORE for some time now & we are stoked to have them as part of the family. Each pair is proudly handmade in American unionised factories using Goodyear welt construction, metal shanks, cork filled midsoles & Vibram soles. Quantity & sizing is limitd  “Quality is victimless.”

IMG_5411 IMG_5412 IMG_5413 IMG_5414


Bellroy exists to slim your wallet. The Note Sleeve  is made from premium full-grain vegetable tanned leathers, made under world-class environmental stewardship standards and are extremely soft & delightful to hold &, of course, use. The Note Sleeve can store flat bills & 4-11 cards, it has 3 quick access slots & pull tab for less used cards, full size note section & coin pocket. It also has room for a spare sim card and comes in a range of colours. Entire Bellroy range available in store.

IMG_5402 copy IMG_5399 copy IMG_5400 copy IMG_5397 copy



This season USA brand,  Penfield,  make their first drop into RAD Store. And this seasons offerings look outstanding, classic cuts & the finest details. Available in store now.

IMG_5365 copy IMG_5369 copy IMG_5370 copy IMG_5373 copy IMG_5374 copy IMG_5377 copy


With Propagandhi in town tomorrow night, how could I go past their latest offering, “Failed States”  released in September 2012, Failed States willfully careens between brazen metallic tendencies & the ragged punk rock roots of Propagandhi’s earlier work, further raising the lyrical & musical bar set by their critically-acclaimed 2009 release, Supporting Cast(e). Noteable tracks are “Note To Self”, “Failed States” & Status Update.

IMG_5394 copy IMG_5395 copy IMG_5396 copy


The Vans Era CA (Ombre Dyed Camo) Olive Night is a one-of-a-kind creation. In a modern twist of both, man-made a natural camo patterns, the upper material is dip-dyed after the screen-printing process, whereby no two shoes look exactly alike. Sleek brushed twill becomes the canvas for individual pieces that function as subliminal interpretations of contemporary streetwear prints and speak for themselves. A Synthetic suede lining, Ortholite insole, classic silver eyelets, and waxed round laces to complete.

Vans Camo CA Vans Camo CA 2 Vans Camo CA 3