Album Of The Week.

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Firstly, let me start by saying FUCK YEEEEEEEEES! Lagwagon are back, First album in 9 years & it’s awesome. I could end it right there but I’ll keep going. ‘Hang’, while keeping their signature punk sound, blends rock & heavy metal the really punches you in face with every track. “Reign” & Burning Out In Style” are reminiscent, and would not looked out of place on Hoss or Double Plaidinum. Other tracks such as “Western Settlements” & “The Cog In The Machine” has a much harder, DUH-esque feel to it, only with better production from Bill Stevenson and the Blasting Room. “Obsolete Absolute” comes  in just over 6 minutes long & would be the most experimental song for Lagwagon to date, with varying melodies & tempos but is something you’d come to expect from a band that a very familiar with their sound & who they are. It should play very well live too. Lagwagon fan, Fat Wreck fan, Punk Rock fan, music fan, ‘Hang’ is album you must have.


Leather Jacket By Jye Byrnes.

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This board combines classic features coupled with modern influences, the outline translates to smooth lines & drawn out turns on the wave face. The flatter rocker generates greater speed, with the wide & curvy swallow, for loose & controlled turns. Avocado green pigment on the bottom & soft beige pigment on the top with handmade wooden keels & a polish finish. 6’0 x 21 x 23/4, 39.21lt

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Album Of The Week.

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Grey Gordon, who’s that you ask? Well he’s the guitarist in the band Wickerwolves, but he also creates music under his own name. He seems like a like a very well-read man that likes good music and good fashion, & from the limited twitter replies I’ve had with him, seems like a very nice dude that you’d have a beer with, except for that fact that he is Straight Edge & would prefer a different type of drink. Yes he is covered in tattoos & wears glasses. So by now you’re probably thinking, oh great another Hardcore kid turned emo-folk singer, right? Wrong! I think throwing ‘Forget I Brought It Up’ into this category is very lazy.  This record is a straight up & down indie rock record, & a big one at that. It has all the elements of your classic SST & Sub Pop records. This album is massive with a great guitar sound in my opinion & a massive leap forward from his 2013, mostly acoustic Still At Home Here, which is simply great in it’s own right. This album is definitely worth checking out, especially the tracks  “Learned Helplessness” “Barstools and Haircuts” “On The Subject of Serotonin” & “Like Atlas”

D’blanc Eyewear.

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D’blanc eyewear is now stocked at Rad. Super stoked to have this brand in the store, the most comfy sunnies on the market right now. Featuring classic shapes, this range also features frames that add that little twist to the classic shape. A vast range of colours including black, matte black, clear sand, matte tort and many more. D’blanc’s main  focus is to create quality Italian-made eyewear that defines a feeling.

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Album Of The Week

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When you actually listen to First Demo you realise what it was that was so special about Fugazi; as the simplicity of the title suggests, they are not ones for embellishment or exaggeration. What they put down on First Demo all those years ago sounds marvelously fleshed out. The iconic bass groove on “Waiting Room”, the genuine fizz of the guitars on “Furniture” & “Turn Off Your Guns” &  “Song #1”, meanwhile, MacKaye’s vocals are taut, sharp & perfectly measured. This early in the band’s life cycle, he already understood – & had mastered – just what it was about his delivery that would make this group tick. First Demo was played down on tape way back in January of 1988, after just 10 shows together & the rest, as they say is history.

Album of the week.

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AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted is the debut album by rapper Ice Cube. It was released after his acrimonious split from his former group N.W.A.  on May 16, 1990. Primarily produced by Public Enemy’s production team The Bomb Squad, the album was an unexpectedly large critical & commercial success, & remains one of the defining hip hop albums of the 1990s. Although he left the group, Ice Cube still hoped that it would be N.W.A producer Dr. Dre who would oversee his album, but the drama surrounding Cube’s departure prevented that. The album was remarkable, blending Cube’s West Coast vernacular with a distinctly East Coast sound, provided mostly by The Bomb Squad. It was gangsta, politically charged, socially relevant & downright funky. Fans flipped over Cube’s solo debut, & in less than three months after hitting the shelves, the LP earned a gold plaque. The Cali MC had officially arrived. Upon release, AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted received mostly positive reviews from music critics, and over the years it has been regarded by many as a hip-hop classic.

Books, Books & More Books.

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A massive amount of coffee table books in store just in time for the holiday season. Some old favourites are back in stock as well. Including Keep Your Eyes Open, Banksy – You’re An Acceptable Level Of Threat and Glen E. Freidman’s Dogtowm – The Legend Of The Z-boys and many more.

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Album Of The Week.

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True Crime is a collection of out-of-print early singles & the also out-of-print Man’s Ruin live EP. There are lots of great songs here, & the panicky “Fight In The Storeroom” getting things started in a grand fashion. “Schmidt Valu Pack” is a rocking ode to the always welcome concept of cheap beer, but the true standouts are the amazing “Spoonful of Soul” & “Diluadid.”  Short & sweet, just the way Zeke like it.

Ivy Prepster

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We have a bunch of Ivy Prepster ties new to Rad Store. Ranging from knit & woven ties, square & pointed end with a range of stripes, checks, dots & plains to choose from. Ivy Prepster is a lifestyle brand committed to creating unique apparel for the preppy wardrobe, such as its successful collection of distinctive, smart knit ties. Inspired by the resurgence of the tie in the male wardrobe & the modern prep movement, Ivy Prepster neckwear reflects the past, present & future of knit ties. Ivy Prepster knit ties are designed in the USA & handmade in Shanghai.

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