Joel Birch x Rad.

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Last Friday we had a good friend of ours, illustrator & lead singer of The Amity Affliction, Joel Birch, drop past the shop while on tour to do a little something on the laneway wall of the shop. After chasing down some paints through the legends at Ironlak, Joel set out to work and did the whole thing on the run. A few Pacific Ales were had in the afternoon before heading to the show later that night where Amity really blew the roof off. Joel has also done a number of designs for us over the years. One of those tees are available in store now. Check out Joel’s site

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Album Of The Week.

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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus

Nick Cave has a long & very remarkable career is now over three-decades long, full of romanticism, goth, cabaret and murder ballads. On this, his 13th release with The Bad Seeds, the staggering double album, (actually, two separate albums packaged together) “Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus”  everything still feels so fresh and still very much so alive. With loss of founding guitarist, Blixa Bargeld, who is replaced by organist James Johnston and with the return producer Nick Launay, who also produced Nocturama, “Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus” is murderously good.

Album Of The Week.

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Mariachi El Bronx – III

I absolutely love the Bronx, which obviously means I love their alter-ego group, a band that goes by the name Mariachi El Bronx. They’re a whole different thing all-together though, & the name insists they are a stunningly authentic Mariachi band (traditional Mexican folk music). Unsurprisingly to fans of both, their awesome first album was self titled, unsurprisingly their second, even better, album was also self titled. Now album number three from Mariachi El Bronx & yes, another self titled, or III’  as they become to be known. III’ opens with ‘New Beat’ & straight away shows the band have not lost a step. One of the things that has always pushed this band up is vocalist Matt Caughthran’s performance both in the studio & on stage, being able to write a lyric & deliver it with so much passion, wether it be rampaging crowds for The Bronx or his golden vocal delivery here. The man knows whats up when it comes to vocals & lyrics. If you need proof, just check out ‘Wildfires’. A song soaked in authentic latino guitar strum and guiding trumpet. Other songs such as “Eternal”, “Raise The Dead” & “Sticks and Stones” have this album, their third under Mariachi El Bronx & seventh over all as close to perfect you can get, once again.

Album Of The Week.

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The Preatures – Blue Planet Eyes.

The Preatures debut album is nothing short of great, it’s an Intoxicating, pleasant mix of rock’n’roll & pop. The Preatures‘ debut album, ‘Blue Planet Eyes’, is packed with much pop goodness & loveable treats in just over 34 minutes, will have you becoming a fan of the band, if you weren’t already or an even bigger one.Throughout all this, lead singer Isabella Manfredi’s voice is suave, soulful & delivers each song with blistering energy. Is This How You Feel is still  the stand-out song Australia instantly fell in love with, however, tracks such as Somebody’s Talking, Whatever You Want &  Rock’n’Roll Rave have an undeniable charm about them but realistically every song is a soothing and stylistic delight that falls on the intelligent side of pop.

Juniper Ridge.

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Juniper Ridge is now in store. Juniper Ridge is the world’s only wild fragrance company, making their products from real plants, bark, moss, mushrooms, tree trimmings and… well, that’s it. Founded in 1998 by Hall Newbegin, a hiker, backpacker and lover of nature, they harvest by hand in the American west coast backcountry. Because their fragrances are distilled from very real plants, they will vary from year to year, harvest to harvest, depending on the rainfall, temperature and exact harvesting location. Cabin Spray and Incense is now in store, with cologne expected to arrive early in the new year.

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Album Of The Week.

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Dinosaur Jr. – Bug

‘Bug’ is the third album by Dinosaur Jr., released in October of 88 through SST Records. It was the last album for quite some time to feature original bassist, Lou Barlow & the album was included in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. A relatively cleaner produced album than it’s predecessor, You’re Living All Over Me, that expands on it’s strengths & really established Dinosaur Jr. as a major band of the underground.  Bug’ is mainly a noisy metallic fusion of hard rock & avant noise, it also shows off J Mascis talent for swerving folk-rock, it’s especially notable on songs, “The Post” & “Pond Song.” However the real masterpiece of the record, “Freak Scene”, is a surprisingly catchy song capturing the appeal & pitfalls of indie rock in just under 4 mins.

Stance NBA Legends Collection.


The “NBA Legends Collection” from leading sock company Stance is undeniably awesome. The lineup pays homage to basketball greats such as; Larry Bird, Julius Erving, Patrick Ewing, Karl Malone, Hakeem Olajuwon, Dennis Rodman, Shaq, Penny Hardaway, John Stockton, Dominique Wilkins & Shawn Kemp. As well as an old throw back to the old days with the San Diego Clippers team sock.

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Vans Style 36 Golden Coast.


The Golden Coast collection celebrates the heritage of Vans with vintage silhouettes & colours, the style 36 (A.K.A. the Old Skool) is in store in a retro-looking red suede & checkered canvas build. Constructed to the specs of the original Style 36 of the 60’s & 70’s, these guys actually look & feel just like a pair of Vans from back in the day.

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Album Of The Week.

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Lagwagon – Hang.

Firstly, let me start by saying FUCK YEEEEEEEEES! Lagwagon are back, First album in 9 years & it’s awesome. I could end it right there but I’ll keep going. ‘Hang’, while keeping their signature punk sound, blends rock & heavy metal the really punches you in face with every track. “Reign” & Burning Out In Style” are reminiscent, and would not looked out of place on Hoss or Double Plaidinum. Other tracks such as “Western Settlements” & “The Cog In The Machine” has a much harder, DUH-esque feel to it, only with better production from Bill Stevenson and the Blasting Room. “Obsolete Absolute” comes  in just over 6 minutes long & would be the most experimental song for Lagwagon to date, with varying melodies & tempos but is something you’d come to expect from a band that a very familiar with their sound & who they are. It should play very well live too. Lagwagon fan, Fat Wreck fan, Punk Rock fan, music fan, ‘Hang’ is album you must have.


Leather Jacket By Jye Byrnes.

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This board combines classic features coupled with modern influences, the outline translates to smooth lines & drawn out turns on the wave face. The flatter rocker generates greater speed, with the wide & curvy swallow, for loose & controlled turns. Avocado green pigment on the bottom & soft beige pigment on the top with handmade wooden keels & a polish finish. 6’0 x 21 x 23/4, 39.21lt

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Album Of The Week.

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Grey Gordon – Forget I Brought It Up

Grey Gordon, who’s that you ask? Well he’s the guitarist in the band, Wickerwolves, but he also creates music under his own name. He seems like a like a very well-read man that likes good music and good fashion, & from the limited twitter replies I’ve had with him, seems like a very nice dude that you’d have a beer with, except for that fact that he is Straight Edge & would prefer a different type of drink. Yes he is covered in tattoos & wears glasses. So by now you’re probably thinking, oh great another Hardcore kid turned emo-folk singer, right? Wrong! I think throwing ‘Forget I Brought It Up’ into this category is very lazy.  This record is a straight up & down indie rock record, & a big one at that. It has all the elements of your classic SST & Sub Pop records. This album is massive with a great guitar sound in my opinion & a massive leap forward from his 2013, mostly acoustic Still At Home Here, which is simply great in it’s own right. This album is definitely worth checking out, especially the tracks  “Learned Helplessness” “Barstools and Haircuts” “On The Subject of Serotonin” & “Like Atlas”