Album Of The Week.

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Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, aka Will Oldham has returned with his 15th album, Singer’s Grave A Sea Of Tongues, however only 2 of the 11 songs on this album are actually new tunes. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy revisits & reimagines a bunch of his older material here. After all the man is expected to release an album every year it seems & seems to slip comfortably into obscurity after each album & rarely giving any of his releases much of a push, which seems to be a lot of his charm, this allows him experiment & take sizeable risks that most songwriters aren’t afforded or even capable of pulling off & Singer’s Grave A Sea Of Tongues was only announced a month before it release, however it doesn’t seem to faze him, he’s as consistent as possible for an artist who has churned out dozens of albums and singles. This time around Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy specifically reworks the songs off 2011’s Wolfroy Goes to Town & its singles. Out of this album’s 11 songs, only the last two tracks, “New Black Rich (Tusks)” and “Sailor’s Grave a Sea of Sheep”, are new with both the reworked tracks & the new songs are improvements over his recent output. The arrangements are much more fleshed-out, ditching the minimal acoustic guitar for a full Americana band, complete with pedal steel, fiddles, banjos, & backing vocals, breathing new life into them and showing his versatility, rather than purely recycling them. For an artist like Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, who has shown so many different sides of his enigmatic & reclusive personality, these kind of experiments are essential. Songs to check out are; “Whipped” & “There Will Be Spring”


The Dudes Giclée Prints.

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The Dudes Factory was founded by good friends with a common goal of building a brand that reflects and develops their own creative interests and lifestyle. The Dudes find & foster unique artistic talents by providing a platform to create fine art & high quality consumer goods. Their artist network encompasses a diverse range of creative styles with an artists whose work exhibits a well developed signature style & attitude. These 3 Giclée prints designed by Mcbess  are on Birch wood & limited to just 150 world wide.

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Monster Children – Photo Annual


The Monster Children photo annual is out & is an absolute cracker. Being a photo annual, the magazine is jam packed with more photos than you can poke a stick at. On top of all that there’s features on Bleddyn Butcher, Jessie Andrews, West America, as well as all the usual shenanigans you find in Monster Children. You’ll also find the finalist & winners from this years Photo Comp.

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Kinfolk Issue 13; The Imperfect Issue.


Kinfolk issue 13; The Imperfect Issue is now available at RAD. For their autumn edition, Kinfolk celebrated the holes in their socks, scorched attempts at marmalade-making & all the crappy haircuts over the years. These flawed details are the beautifully blemished collateral of a life lived to the fullest. So make mistakes. Make a mess. Be imperfect. In this issue you’ll find;

– Natural Judgment: an essay exploring our blind eye toward nature’s flaws, along with a photo series showcasing oddly shaped shrubs in San Francisco

– Going Against the Grain: an exploration into being the odd one out

– Wear and Tear: a photo essay highlighting the appeal of worn clothing, paired with an encouragement to flaunt your flaws

– Julia Child’s Guide to Cooking Terribly, complete with a recipe for Fallen Cheese Soufflé

– Cullinary Calamities: Six chefs tell us their stories of epic fails and war wounds

– An interview with New York City Ballet’s prima ballerina Wendy Whelan

– A profile series with three judges (a Pulitzer Prize–winning restaurant critic, a Westminster Dog Show judge and an Olympic Gymnastics judge) on evaluating perfection

– Seeing Double: a portrait series noting the small differences between twins

– The Extremists’ Guide to Home Decor: tips for minimalists and maximalists

– Home Tours: a look around some patched-up homes in Greece and France

– Playing with Fire: a menu based around burning your food on purpose; a recipe series of what to make When Life Gives You Lemons; and an essay about the failures of making marmalade along with a fool proof recipe for making Blood Orange and Bourbon Marmalade

– Plus, articles about improvisation, Navajo weaving techniques, art conservation, kintsugi, accidental inventions, imperfect music and crappy haircuts

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Album Of The Week.


Alexisonfire was a five-piece, post-hardcore band that formed in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada in 2001. Compared to their first album, Alexisonfire, their sound had come along way by the time they released Watch Out, their second release. This album is definitely more fuller sounding record & they use harmony much better. Watch Out is more melodic but still packs the same hard punch that their self titled album gave out. There are plenty of hard, melodic songs that can appeal to anyone, the perfect blend of metal/punk/emo. George’s gravely scream is complimented by the more high pitched voice of the Dallas Green. ‘Accidents’ is an incredible song, as well as ‘No Transitory’,’Control’, ‘Hey It’s Your Funeral Mama’ & ‘Sharks & Danger’. Actually theres not really a bad song on the album. If you like their first album definitely pick this one up, its mixed better, just as hard &  overall is just a really good album. Recommended to anyone who likes metal/punk.

Album Of The Week.


With the anticipated release of their first album in 9 years, Lagwagon have been on the minds of every 90’s punk rock loving fan for the last couple of weeks I’m sure. But Let’s talk about Trashed, if you weren’t fortunate enough to pickup on “Duh”, you should’ve most definitely picked up on Trashed.

Lagwagon came out & polished themselves up just a tad bit but still kept their  trademark raw sound. The riffs are a little cleaner & a little harder.  Joey Cape proves himself to be the talented songwriter that we have grown to love, while Lagwagon proved to be one of the heavy hitters on the Fat Wreck Chords roster.

“Stokin’ the Neighbours”, “Rust”, “Lazy”, “Dischords”, “No one”, “Bye for now”…I’m not going to list the entire track list for those who don’t have enough common sense to own this landmark record.

Trashed is what punk is supposed to sound like… end of story.

Topo Designs.


New brand to RAD is Colorado brand, Topo Designs. The people behind Topo grew up as fishers, hunters, ski instructors, hikers, climbers, bikers and travellers. Through this they constantly searched for gear that really works – as well as satisfies their aesthetic eye. Topo Designs build bags for people just like themselves, and importantly to them, they do so in their own shop in Colorado, USA.

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Established in 2009 by three Danish friends with a love for music, art, literature and contemporary culture, premium streetwear label Libertine-Libertine delivers fuss-free design alongside a fresh take on well-loved classics. High-quality t-shirts, shirts, shorts and jackets are re-worked with the brand’s unique prints and design details.Keep Reading…

Topo Designs: Short Film.

About an hour outside of Nashville, TN lies a gorgeous stretch of river winding through quiet woods and farmlands where thick fog and “river smoke” roll in before dawn, setting an eerily beautiful backdrop for hours of great fly fishing.
Matt and the Cox Brothers were itching to collaborate on a film and when Matt shared a photo he’d snapped while out fishing, they knew they had found the subject for their first collaboration. Up before the sun they headed off to wade into this otherworldly scene with fly rods and cameras in hand.
Directed, filmed & Edited by:

Banks Brand.


Banks celebrates craftsmanship & creative culture. Its innovative collective of surfers, designers, musicians, photographers & filmmakers embrace the curious side of thinking & positive changes in the world. Created by surf industry veterans Tim Cochran, formerly a product director at Hurley Australia; Masahiro Shibahara, who owns the Tokyo distribution company, Jamgle Jam; & former professional surfer Brad Gerlach. Banks are approaching production in a more sustainable way, & each year we will look at decreasing their carbon footprint. Banks is in store now.

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Album Of The Week.


Gish is the debut album by The Smashing Pumpkins released in May 1991 through Caroline Records. Gish was recorded from December 1990 to March 1991 in Butch Vig’s Smart Studios with a $20,000 budget. Which was unprecedented for Vig at the time. The album was certified gold on March 14, 1994. Until the release of The Offspring album Smash in 1994, Gish was the highest-selling independently released album of all time. Gish would later be reissued under the Virgin label.  Recorded with the classic Pumpkins line-up and features the singles “Siva”, “I Am One” & “Rhinoceros”